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The posts on this blog are my personal views and opinions and not those of my employer, any associations in which hold a membership, or organizations for which I volunteer.

Statement Regarding Conflicts of Interest

I do not take on any outside work for pay. It is not that this is prohibited, there are policies for staff that take outside work. Many teachers have additional jobs tutoring and there are clear conflict of interest guidelines for this. However, I have made a personal decision that I prefer a more black and white division between my employment and my volunteering, it helps me sleep better at night. These are the rules I have established for my volunteer activity.

  • I limit my volunteering to non-profits and K12 membership organizations.
  • When I am asked to publicly speak, I take personal leave. This is my choice, I have taken a conservative approach and choose to take leave rather than entangle the two activities. This gives me the freedom to contribute my time as I see fit.
  • When speaking publicly, I always include a written and/or verbal disclosure that my comments reflect my own views and not the views of my employer.
  • As a courtesy, and for transparency, I typically provide my employer with notice when I am publicly speaking, and always on anything that could be considered controversial or that might be covered in the media
  • When requested by the press for  comment, I prefer to speak on background, and if named, I request that it be qualified as speaking for myself and not my employer if my employer and title are used.
  • If I am speaking as a public employee, board policy requires that I obtain prior approval to commenting.

In a small number of circumstances, I have accepted reimbursement of some travel expenses, and/or the waiver of conference registration, when that benefit would be offered to other speakers/volunteers. I evaluate each circumstance against the requirements of my employer’s board policy that prohibits an employee from accepting “any money, loan, gift, favor, or service that might reasonably tend to influence the discharge of duties.”

I maintain ongoing involvement as a volunteer with the following organizations.

  • Common Sense Media
  • Consortium of School Networking
  • Future of Privacy Forum
  • Student Data Privacy Consortium

These organizations have no significant impact on the content of this site.

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