G Suite Admin and Managing Services that aren’t Controlled Individually

UPDATED 8/31/2018:

I received confirmation from Google support on an issue I reported related to this setting. When turned off it prevents teachers from viewing, commenting or grading assignments in Classroom via the web and generates a “no access to this service” message. The Classroom mobile app behavior is unafected. Google support also indicated this impacted the functioning of Google Drive on Android, but I have not been able to confirm this yet.

Description of Issue:  Attempting to open a student submission is Classroom generates the error “You Don’t Have Access to this Service”

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Teacher
    1. Create New Class (also fails with older class)
    2. Create (or repurpose) and assignment that includes a google drive file (native or non-native e.g. PDF)
  2. Student
    1. Complete assignment and turn in
  3. Teacher
    1. In course, click classwork->assignment-# of assignments turned in and recieves error message

This could indicate that the Classroom web app has a dependency on Google services (or microservices) that are outside of the “core”.

UPDATED 9/21/2018:

Google has fixed the bug and the on/OFF does not break the above mentioned services


Google Admins have always had control over two kinds of Google Applications: G Suite and “Additional Google Services“. There are currently 47 additional Google Services, and they include things like Blogger, YouTube, Google+, and Google Analytics. They can be individually turned on or off for different users (e.g. just students). However, there have always been a number of “additional services” that have been outside of the ability of the G Suite Admin to turn ON or OFF. Over the years, some of these services, like Google Play and myMaps have  moved into the Admin control panel’s Additional Services , and even better, some like Google Keep and Google Tasks have been added to G Suite.

Recently (mid summer 2018), Google added an option to the G Suite Admin panel for the ability to enable or disable access to a group of  these previously unmanaged services.

The Google Administrator help page says that “In addition to G Suite and additional Google services that you can manage individually with an On or Off control in the Google Admin console, you can manage access to Google services that don’t have this control.

The article also notes that These services might be on by default for some customers. (emphasis mine), so school G Suite Admins should check this setting.

Privacy Implications:

It is a positive thing that Google is providing Admins a new level of control for services that were previously managed, but given that these are non-core services which are not covered by the G Suite for EDU privacy notice, it would be a reasonable interpretation that a school does not have the ability to provide consent on behalf of the parent e.g. treating Google as a “School Official” , and since there is no individual listing of what these services are and what data they collect, a school should think very carefully as to how they might obtain informed parental consent before turning it on for students.

A Partial List of these “additional” services

  1. Allo
  2. Chromecast
  3. Google Surveys
  4. Google Arts and Culture
  5. Google URL Shortener
  6. Google Maps Floor Plan
  7. Google News (https://news.google.com/)
  8. Google Express (https://www.google.com/express/)
  9. Google One (consumer service)

Service(s)  Enabled if YouTube is enabled

  1. YouTube Gaming https://gaming.youtube.com

A Partial List of “unmanaged” services

There are still Google services that are accessible with a G Suite EDU account if these services are turned OFF

So far I have found these:

  1. Google Fit
  2. Google Flights (https://www.google.com/flights)
  3. Google Fonts (https://fonts.google.com/)
  4. Google Store (https://store.google.com/)
  5. Google CS First (https://csfirst.withgoogle.com)
  6. Applied Digital Skill (https://applieddigitalskills.withgoogle.com/)
  7. Applied CS Skills (https://appliedcsskills.withgoogle.com/) (Consent screen states that “Google is not affiliated with the contents of the application or its owners”, but id apears to be a google product)
  8. Google Cloud Training https://cloud.google.com/training/?authuser=0

Services with No Login Required

  1. https://beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com/
  2. Made with Code (https://www.madewithcode.com/projects/)-no login req, no ability to create account or save data

“Core” Services impacted when Setting is OFF

  1. Google Classroom (Impact limited to teacher’s ability to view, comment and grade student submissions via web browser)
  2. The Google Drive app on Android: sheets,  docs in android

Unknown Status:

  1. https://sciencejournal.withgoogle.com/
  2. Google Science Fair (does not open until September)