G Suite Activity Dashboard for Docs, Sheets & Slides

On March 7th Google notified G Suite Admins of an upcoming feature called “Activity Dashboards” that would be rolling out in 2-4 weeks and enabled by default and provided instructions on how to control or disable the feature at the admin level and how users could individually disable the feature. The email is provided below, […]

FERPA, COPPA and the myths we tell each other

This Sunday is Data Privacy Day., so I thought I would list some of the more “interesting” interpretations I have heard (and read) about COPPA, FERPA and how schools approve educational services. I eventually plan to write up an annotated version of this list, so if you have additions, please tweet them to me @jsiegl […]

Plagiarism, Precedence and the Agora Letter

Earlier today the US Department of Education released a letter outlining their findings against Agora Cyber Charter schools. The letter, and Future of Privacy Forum’s commentary are worth devoting some quiet time to parse through.  The primary evidence for Dept. of Ed’s finding of Agora’s violation of the parent’s FERPA rights was based on the […]