Privacy Policy

Effective Date: March 11, 2018

Data Collection

This site does not use any analytics tracking, or any third party trackers. We also do not use any social share icons, nor do we allow comments via authenticated accounts on this site.

The site does collect server logs. These are only used to investigate performance issues, or if there is a security issue. They only contain general information about visits to the site, and we make no effort to connect any information in server logs to any specific individual. Server logs are nearly universal in running web sites; it is nearly impossible to have a site on any server that doesn’t generate some sort of logging data.

We may embed videos, audio, and images from third party sites. Sometimes, these third party embeds have tracking associated with them. We strongly encourage people browsing the internet to use a javascript blocker, and/or an ad blocker. Instructions on various tools to address tracking can be found in this post by Bill Fitzgerald.  Data collected by these third parties is governed by their privacy policies.

This site also collects references from Twitter when someone tweets a link to a page from this site. Aside from displaying the tweet on the associated page, we do not use this information in any way, and we do not sell, access, or analyze this information in any way. Aside from the right to display publicly shared posts from a public forum, we do not claim any ownership rights over content that references this site.

These policies may change in the future. This isn’t likely, but it’s possible. If this happens, we will update the effective date, and write a blog post explaining the rationale behind the changes and the content of the changes. We will retain links to these explanatory posts within the privacy policy.